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submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 15.07.2015

Miranda Kerr trades one billionaire for a younger model

Sydney Morning Herald
July 10, 2015

Andrew Hornery

Depending on how you look at it, Miranda Kerr has either upgraded or downgraded her taste in billionaires.

PS's moles on the Greek Islands report the 32-year-old supermodel and single mother of one jetted into Kythera this week for a few days of downtime with her new beau, 25-year-old billionaire Evan Spiegel, who gave the world the smartphone messaging platform SnapChat.

At around $1.5 billion, he is worth about a third of what James Packer is these days, but he is 22 years younger than Packer and evidently a lot easier on the eye.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is holidaying in Greece with her new beau, SnapChat billionaire Evan Spiegel.

She arrived on the island aboard Spiegel's private jet and made herself right at home in a luxury villa where Spiegel was also staying.

The Greek jaunt comes just days after reports surfaced in America that Kerr and Spiegel had been "making out" at the bar of a swanky restaurant on Venice Beach.

Not that Kerr's ex-boyfriend would care too much, he clearly has his hands full with Mariah Carey, with whom he has been spending plenty of time in Las Vegas in recent days as she prepares to return to the stage at Caesars Palace.

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