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Family from Kythera in Sydney area, NSW

Hi, I am looking for the descendants of John Harry Kassimatis (Cassim) (b. abt 1856 d. after 1922) and Theodosia "Dorothy" Panaretos.
They lived in the Ardlethan, NSW area, but their descendants spread all over the Sydney area.
They had:
Stavroula 1887-1972 m. Paul Katsoulis
Photeine 1892-1975 never married
Haralambos John 1894-1974 m1 Evelyn Anne Laura ____ m2 Efrosini "Fofi" Goumas
Michael "Minas" John 1899-1965 m. Winnifred Elizabeth ____
Stamatia 1901-1979 m. Harry James Flaskas
Europa 1904-1932 m. George Castrisos

Surnames of their descendants include: Cassim, Castrisos, Firth, Flaskas, Aroney, Economos, Rose, Katsoulis, and Castrission.

Also another family in the Australia was:
Anastasia "Tasia" Fyropoulos/Feros (1912-2002). She married in 1949 in Sydney to Nicholas Anastasios Panaretto (?-1964) son of Anastasios and Martha Panaretto.

Any information at ALL on any on these families and/or surnames would be great!

Peter Trearchis
Dracut, MA, USA


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04.06.2007 Michelle Lucas

My grandfather was Emmanuel Cassimatis and he owned the Olympia Cafe in Ardlethan. He had brothers that he brought out to Australia. One was called George and the other was "Vic" who married a lady called Heather and they had the Cafe at Coonamble I think... The Flaskas family also owned the Newsagents just down the round from my grandfather. Andrew and Vasilica ... I do not know much but my sister Jacqui Fisher has a lot of info and may be able to help. Her email is jyfish@bigpond.com. My uncles are Antonios, Emmanual & Richard (deceased). My Aunts were Mary Magdalene (deceased) and Athena. Athena (now Brill) lives in Wagga Wagga NSW. Yours sincerely Michelle

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