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25442: Kytherian Genealogy Club - More than just tracing people's family trees

submitted by Kalie Zervos on 18.01.2019

I notice quite a few people posting messages on how go about locating ancestors from Kythera. 

Well there is no need to go all the way to Kythera to search for your family history, The Kytherian Genealogy Club has more Kytherian records under one roof than anywhere in the world!  

 The Kytherian Genealogy Club - which is Amalia Samios and myself Kalie Zervos was started about 5 years ago when we joined forces to compile our own common family tree. Frustrated with the lack of information available to us even though we knew Kythera along with Corfu, has the longest continuous records in all of Greece we made it our mission to gather, research and translate as much information as possible in order to compile  a searchable English database containing information about Kytherian individuals born from the 1600s to 1917 for the benefit of Kytherians of the diaspora. 

We have exclusive access to many records from both the Archives of Kythera and the General Archives of Greece as well as from the Municipal Council of Kythera. We are the only place that has all these records under one roof.   

If you would like your family tree traced back to the 1600s,  we are available to do all the research and present you with a booklet for a reasonable fee.

If you are interested contact us on 

(Priority will be given to those who are  members of the Kytherian Association of Australia - If you are wanting to sign up please download a membership application form from the membership tab of 

Alternatively if you would like to contribute photos for the Kytherian Genealogy project of individuals born in Kythera up to 1917, please also email the photos to the email address above, stating the name of the individual in the photos the approx year of birth or death and the town they were from and any other details you wish to forward.  

Kalie Zervos 


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on 11.04.2019


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