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On January 27th, 2003, the book, "KYTHERIAN SURNAMES", written by the editor of Kythiraika newspaper, Mr. Emmanouil Kalligeros, was introduced to the Kytherian and Hellenic public. The book launch was held at a special exhibition, organised by the Society of Kytherian Studies, at the Centre of the Kytherians. Response to the launch of the book was so great that people had to be turned away for lack of seating space.

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που υποβάλλονται από Theo Megalokonomos επί 23.02.2011


Pappou Theodoros "Kaponas" Megalokonomos tou Mihalis ke tis Harikleias.
Greek Arhonto -Levento Kytherian.A real GENTLEMAN.
Leaved in Kythera at Agia pelagia .His house was next to kapsanis Super market .Was one of 9 kids and has a great and very large family and a huge " Kaponianiko dynasty" left behind when he died in 1993.
Will be treasured by all of his children ,grand children, and great grand children for ever.
He is a national Hero for Kythera because ...

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Διονυσία Αρώνη

Η γιαγιά μου Διονυσία Αρώνη γεννήθηκε στο χωριό Καντιάνικα Μεσσηνίας, σήμερα Νέα Κορώνη.
Υπάρχουν πολλοί με το όνομα Αρώνης στην νότια Μεσσηνία
Ο ??? Αρώνης ήταν μέλος της Φιλικής Εταιρείας και πρωτοστάτησε στην επανάσταση του 21 στην περιοχή Κορώνης