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Partial list of family nicknames of the Komninos families of Kythera.

Additional information, which may be of interest to Komninoi, is that all original branches of the family that migrated from the two original Komninos towns of Kythera, that is, Perlegianika & Dourianika, can be traced via their nicknames. I only know of a few. Some of them are: Andretsinis, Bahas, Byzinis, Douris, Koumessos, Midos, Palathros, Palavras, Panayotelis, Psilos, Roussos, Skordilis, Skouzes, Spetsotes, Yalakatos, Yalanis, Yanoufis, and Ynafeas...
In approx the 1870's the Spetsostes ...

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Louzis - Cassimatis (Karvounades)

Zarmas - Raissis (Fratsia)