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Potamos Family Home

submitted by Angela Panaretos on 14.05.2022

Hi dear Kytherians, my father, Zacharias Panaretos, was born in Potamos in 1908.

My grandfather built the house in Potamos (1910), with the distinctive arch, on the approach to the village. My sisters and I, living in Tasmania, as the only surviving children of our branch, have inherited our family home, (2010). Part renovations have been completed but more is needed to reach our goal; get it to a more rentable standard so that it can support its own ongoing maintenance and give jobs to local people. 

As single, older women, each with significant life circumstances, we have not been in the best financial position to maintain our beautiful home and to date, all work has been done under financial constraint. 

Yet we firecely hope and wish to keep it in our family, as an expression of love and respect for our ancestors.


I am therefore launching a Crowdfunding page on GoFundMe and am humbly asking for donations. Accommodation and discounts are offerred in exchange [and a backstory] outlined in the letter on the GFM page.

This is the link;

Our house is an historical icon for the town and island.  

I will pay for my own ticket to travel in September to complete works.

Your timely support would be highly appreciated to help keep our home alive, intact and well.

Would you be willing and in a position to help?

Thank you

Angela Panaretos

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