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This is YOUR Kythera Heritage Site! aims to preserve the rich heritage of our wonderful island. Members of the community are invited to submit their family collection of stories, photographs, recipes, maps, oral histories, historical documents, songs and poems, home remedies etc. to the site. Uploading directly to the site is easy. Just log-on or register (top right), go to the category you wish to submit to, and click on the "submit" button. Thus you can help make available valuable and interesting material for current and future generations, and inspire young Kytherians to learn more about their fascinating heritage.

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Photos, Churches & Icons

Brisbane panayias celebration luncheon

over 300 people attended the kytherian assocation of Queensland tis panayias feast day for the 24th september .. the celebration was...

Photos, Churches & Icons

feast for a panayia

 big brisbane turn out for tis panayias feast day luncheon in Brisbane 22nd october .. the day was orginised  by the...

Photos, Modern Landscapes

one fine summers day ....

kapsali at its best !.. and a  wonderful summers day , just perfect for a morning at the beach , then...

Photos, Cafes, Shops & Cinemas

Adelaide book launch of Greek Cafes & Milk Bars of Australia, 15 November 2016

Kytherians in Adelaide, you are kindly invited to the launch of Greek Cafes & Milk Bars of Australia. The event...

Photos, Churches & Icons

lots of love in the room !

inside the main area of myrtidiotissa , showing the magificent main room of the church .. and on the right...

Photos, Modern Landscapes

oh those summer nights

great way to finish the day after a day on the island in the summer , having a cool drink...

Tourist Information

Tourist Information, Sightseeing

Little secret worth sharing in Greek island of Kythera

Sunday Telegraph (circulation 490,000) ESCAPE (section) FEBRUARY 22, 2015. KAREN HALABI [[picture:"Halabi Kythera 1.jpg" ID:22776]] Photograph: Aerial view of the...

Tourist Information, Sightseeing

Antikythera. Αντικύθηρα.

History The island is also called Tsitigoto, from the name Cerigoto given by the Venetians, or even, Lee (Lioi), perhaps...

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Kythera map (Click to enlarge)

Kythera map with points of interest.

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17.10.2016 (Message Board)

Anita Martin

I have a number of photos witch fit into this category. Will send them over the next...

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Kytherian Genealogy Club

We are working on creating a family tree for the whole island of Kythera from the mid...

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Opal Harvey

sorry i forgot to put his last name Zacharias Vrettos Panaretos

01.10.2016 (Message Board)

Opal Harvey

Hey Angela would you be related to Zacharias Vrettos Born in 1911 and migrated to Australia in...