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This is YOUR Kythera Heritage Site! aims to preserve the rich heritage of our wonderful island. Members of the community are invited to submit their family collection of stories, photographs, recipes, maps, oral histories, historical documents, songs and poems, home remedies etc. to the site. Uploading directly to the site is easy. Just log-on or register (top right), go to the category you wish to submit to, and click on the "submit" button. Thus you can help make available valuable and interesting material for current and future generations, and inspire young Kytherians to learn more about their fascinating heritage.

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Photos, Diaspora Vintage Portraits/ People

Zantiotis & Moulos family 1920s

This photo was taken at Esma Studios in Oxford St, Sydney around 1925.   Left to right - Peter Stavro...

Photos, Churches & Icons


president of the kytherian assocation of queensland mr. peter coroneo [left side of icon ] carrying the icon of agios...

Photos, Churches & Icons

Easter in kythera

special time of the year easter on kythera , its early  spring , the wild flowers are in bloom all...

Photos, Churches & Icons

Agios jannis trifyllianika 1984

Wonderful photo of  John the Baptist celebration at agios jannis church at trifyllianika , this photo was taken after the...

Kythera map (Click to enlarge)

Kythera map with points of interest.

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27.04.2017 (Message Board)

kit withers

hi peter i am a cousin of your wife therese. I lost email contact with her in...

20.04.2017 (Message Board)

Barbara Zantiotis

Hi Peggy, I emailed you with some contacts. If you didn't receive this, let me know and...

19.04.2017 (Message Board)

Barbara Zantiotis

Hi John, I just emailed you regarding Euripides.  His mother was Maria Mavromatis.

10.04.2017 (Message Board)

Peggy Pound

Well, two mistakes in above message. My grandfathers Greek middle name was Ioannis and his mother was...