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Photos, Cafes, Shops & Cinemas

submitted by Antony Zaglas on 05.12.2017

Caliope Megaloconomou, later, Mrs Christianos, with two Austrlian waitresses, 1922

Caliope Megaloconomou was my third cousin on her Mother's side Tony Zaglas

Academic Research, Diaspora/Migration

submitted by Caroline Dick on 01.12.2017

Kytherian Migration to Australia

I cannot read Greek. Is there an English translation please?

Photos, Vintage Portraits/ People

submitted by Kristine Benardos on 20.11.2017


This photo is a photo of my husbands Grandparents, we have the identical photo mounted with his Gran...

Photos, Island Churches & Icons

submitted by Γιάννης Μαυρομμάτης on 06.09.2017

'' ayios andreas''

This church is not at Pitsinades. There is not Agios Andreas there. We have Panayia Tsigouriotissa a...

People, Life Stories

submitted by John Condoleon on 28.08.2017

Greek Christening in Wellington, NSW

Hi, This christening was held about the year 1936 and the family who I knew well are not Kytherian,...

Culture, Associations

submitted by Rebecca Messina on 12.08.2017

Kytherian Brotherhood of Baltimore, MD, USA Lapel Pin

Who is the point of contract for this organization? Was it originally formed at St Nicholas? Thank...

Gravestones, Logothetianika

submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 25.05.2017

Moulou Family Plot - Logothetianika Cemetery

Ioannis was born on 6 November 1894 in Logothetianika. Ioanni was the son of Stefano and Stavroula...

Gravestones, Tryfillianika

submitted by janet France on 21.05.2017

Panagiotis N. Trifillis (1 of 2), Tryfillianika

My great grandfather was Panayotis Trifilli. (Spelling seems to vary) He was married to Eleni Marce...

History, Archive/Research

submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 20.05.2017

Arrivals Australia 1854-1914

Tony Steve Zantiotis was actually born on 2 March 1894 In Potamos. This is what is stated on his bi...

Photos, Diaspora Vintage Portraits/ People

submitted by Elias Vlanton on 17.05.2017

Stamatia Notaris (nee Tzortzopoulos) in Greek National Dress

Digging through some of my mother's old photographs, I think I found several of the Notaras family w...