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Our is a cultural archive system which invites all people who love the Greek island of Kythera to enjoy the material which other members of the community have shared. It is a free service supported by the Kytherian Association of Australia to help promote the connection of Kythera with it's Diaspora all over the world. More than twenty thousand items - family trees, photographs, life stories etc. - have been submitted. It's free and easy to create an account to add your family history. And the site can of course be browsed by anyone without registering.

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27169:People, Life Stories

Joanne (Megaloikonomo) Petropoulos

Interviewed by Joshua Kepreotis   After being fed spanakopita and tiropitakia, dipping Karavas’ famous paximathia into Greek coffee and then...

27149:People, Life Stories

Nostalgic artworks

Hi fellow Kytherians, I am a Kytherian (1/2 Dutch) who has never been to Greece but strongly feels the pull...

26916:People, Surnames Book

Venardos is the same as Benardout ? As Greece is to Spain ?

I am the editor of a family web-site : which collates the known history of the Benardout family from...

26909:People, Life Stories

Manolis Cassimatis

Interviewed by Joshua Kepreotis   Sitting in his office in Livadi, wearing his signature suit and tie, Manolis Cassimatis –...

26891:Culture, Kytherian Identity

Pappas Post Review: An Island named Desire

Kythera: An Island Named Desire Film written by Mario Romano October 14, 2020     There’s a lot going on in James...

26888:Photos, Diaspora Weddings and Proxenia

Wedding from about 1930, probably in Sydney.

This photo must have been taken in about 1930. My grandparents - Dimitri and Eleni Prineas (Haniotis) are in the...

Kythera map (Click to enlarge)

Kythera map with points of interest.

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27535:09.05.2021 (Message Board)


Would like to be in contact with the Georgopoulos family as I have original studio portrait of...

27424:10.04.2021 (Message Board)

Stephanie Gustine

Hi Vicki, Sadly, my Papou(Joseph Stratigos) passed away back in 2010. I just happened to be searching...

27389:26.03.2021 (Message Board)


Hi Tracy, Have some photos from Trifylis Cafe Coffs Harbour 1949. Just getting last of names to...

27382:24.03.2021 (Message Board)

Michaela Griffiths

Hi Laura, thankyou for your message. Yes I’ve had my dna done on AncestryDNA, I’ve now got...