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submitted by Sunday Telegraph on 05.07.2016

Little secret worth sharing in Greek island of Kythera

Sunday Telegraph (circulation 490,000)
ESCAPE (section)

FEBRUARY 22, 2015.


Photograph: Aerial view of the Kapsali village from the castle.

View / download a copy of this article in English from the Kytherian Newsletter:

Halabi Article Kytherian ...

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submitted by Kytherian Ecology on 13.05.2014

Antikythera. Αντικύθηρα.


The island is also called Tsitigoto, from the name Cerigoto given by the Venetians, or even, Lee (Lioi), perhaps from the Aegila, the ancient name of the island. The island was of great strategic importance due to the position between Kythera and Crete. It flourished from 400 BC depended on the city Phalasarna located at the north western Cape Gramvoussa of Crete. The city was a pirate base and it seems that the island was a milestone for the protection from the north. ...

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submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 15.05.2013

Kythera: the Australian Island

Photograph: The double bay of Kapsali, page 227 of - In Search of Kythera and Antikythera. Venturing to the island of Aphrodite.

With one of the largest Kytherian populations living in Sydney, the small Greek island has seen a steady flow of Australian tourists visiting its shores

The tiny island offers all the best of the Greek islands without the tourist traffic.

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submitted by Gaye Hegeman on 20.09.2011

Follow the Blue Dots

The travel agent's remark as we stood up to leave his office, "just follow the blue dots," seemed incidental to the instructions we had received, and I wonder if we had not known about them how much harder and less exciting our task might have been. Images of ancient treasure maps on parchment immediately sprang to mind, as we left in search of clues.
We had come to enquire about the Trifyllianika to Paliochora walking trail, once an important link between these two communities at the north-east ...

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submitted by Kalie Zervos on 08.06.2011

Tips to enjoying a Kytherian Summer


Here are some tips designed to assist you in making the most of what our island has to offer.

Before starting I suggest you pick up a copy of the free Kythera Summer Edition newspaper available from shops and cafes around the island.

Getting Around

•Best way to get around is by car. Kythera’s road network is good however to access many places and beaches be prepared to drive on ...

Tourist Information > Sightseeing

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 13.11.2016

Creating a Spring-Water Map of Kythera

We at are putting together a map of all the fresh-water sources on the island. You can view the current map we have here:

So far we have the following sites:
1. Kaloyerou behind Agios Nikolas
2. Petrouni
3. Agios Mama (half an hour from Petrouni)
4. Routsoinas (apo to Kalakathi)
5. Keramari in Karavas

Tourist Information > Sightseeing

submitted by Site Administrator on 25.04.2006

Ferry and Flight Schedule to Kythera

This website will give you the times and dates of the ferries and planes to Kythera