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Anna Cominos


Over a lifetime in the making, comedic performer Anna Cominos will take to the Marrickville’s Factory Theatre stage with her hilarious one-woman show RETURN TO THE VILLAGE from 27-30 September, as part of the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival.


Comically confronting the eternal existential questions of Who are we? Where are we from? Should I learn ukulele in this lifetime?


Interestingly, more than one in four Australians are actually from elsewhere (27.7% of the estimated resident population were born overseas, that is more than 6.4 million people), so Otherness is actually common.


“It’s joyous exploring the Otherness that we all carry inside us.

We all have a shadow-life happening at the same time as this reality, RETURN TO THE VILLAGE is an eyewitness account of this…..multi-media, lucky-wheels and ukulele all help too”


At the seminal point of the emergence of the cyber-world, Anna walked away from the modern-world and went to live in her ancestral village turning her back on the modern world and travelling back to her parents homeland to discover her ancestral roots, her eccentric RETURN TO THE VILLAGE  stories are born.


Sit-down storyteller Anna opens her bi-cultural mind and the zany adventures begin.



9.30pm Tues 27-Fri 30 Sept

Factory Theatre

105 Victoria St, Marrickville

Bookings: 90206966

For more info: www.fringecomedyfestival.com.au




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