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submitted by Kytheraismos Institute on 19.12.2005

Institute of Kytheraismos.

Institute of Kytheraismos. - Kytheraismos Institute logo

Heroon Polytechniou 81
Postal Code 185 36, Piraeus

Tel.: 003 210 45 99 414
Fax: 003 210 45 99 415



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Chairman of the Institute:

Elias Marsellos

The prosymposium of Kytheraismos

A preliminary meeting (prosymposium) was held on Monday the 24th of November, 2004, in Athens. During that day Elias Marsellos informed the Kytherians of Athens about the goals as well as the future plans of the Institute.

Moreover, representatives from the committees of the Institute and members of the Kytherian Associations all over the world sent their greetings, their ideas about the new Institute and the relationship among the pankytherians and a general planning were formed for the symposium of 2004 in Kythera.

The prosymposium took place in Athens
The Kytherians Cultural Centre,
6 Themistokleous Str.
Tel. 210/3838190).

Press Release No 5, 01 October 2004

The First International Symposium of Kytheraismos took place with great success on Kythera during the period from September 24 th to September 26 th. This was the first large scale gathering of Kytherians from all over the world and was part of activities organized by the Institute of Kytheraismos.

The central theme of the Symposium was Kytherian identity. A variety of perspectives were offered on the subject. The Symposium was organized in four units. The first unit dealt with the particular features of the island and of its inhabitants. The second unit focused on the issue of relations between Kytherians from all over the world with their island of origin and among themselves. The third unit dealt with the issue of Kytherian youth worldwide. The last unit was dedicated to philokytheraismos , or the love of Kythera and of Kytherian culture.

The Symposium opened on September 24 th at the monastery of Panayia Myrtidiotissa, with a short speech by Kyrillos, the Metropolitan of Kythera, and with a formal reception for the Symposium participants. The sessions started on the same day at the Kytherian Association of Kythera in the presence of Mr. Giorgos Sourlas, the Deputy President of the Greek Parliament, of Mr. Petros Mantouvalos, Member of Parliament, and of other public figures.

The Symposium was divided into four sessions. During these sessions many Kytherians, both local residents and members of the diaspora, as well as friends of Kythera, developed various facets of Kytheraismos in their presentations. Thus they contributed towards clarification of the basic theme of the Symposium, while also demonstrating the areas in which the Institute of Kytheraismos has developed its activities.

Apart from these presentations the Institute honoured for their multifaceted contribution to various areas the following people or organizations: The Kytherian Association of Australia (Sydney), Mr. John Comino, former Mayor of Woollahra Council, Sydney, who is of Kytherian descent, Mrs. Anastasia Condas (Conomos), the President of the Kytherian Brotherhood of San Francisco (California), Mrs. Aspasia Potiris from Queensland and Mrs. Golfo Pentes from Canberra, as well as Myron Andronicus, from Antikythera, who will be remembered for ever.

The Symposium concluded with a decision to establish an annual international Kytheraismos Day on September 25th and to institute a Symposium every two years at a different locale and every four years at Kythera.

It was decided that the next Symposium of Kytheraismos will take place in Canberra , Australia , in September 2006. It was also decided as a matter of priority that the Institute of Kytheraismos should embark on the organization of study groups for third generation students of Kytherian descent, to be held on the island. These students will study Greek language and culture within the context of specially organised programmes.

It was widely felt that the Symposium was very successful and that it helped clarify the aims of the Institute of Kytheraismos and the role it aspires to play so as to contribute to the promotion of the broader Kytherian community.

Athens , 1. 10. 2004

From the Department of Public Relations,

Institute of Kytheraismos

From the Kytheraismos Institute.pdf document

The formation of the Institute of Kytheraismos in Athens has been announced. The first of its kind in Greece, this innovative concept is yet another mile­stone in the history of Kythera. Kytherians the world over are a vital force and as such the Institute will provide the necessary impetus for exploitation of this dynamic force by creating a forum to encourage co­operation in many spheres. The Institute will bring those in similar vocations together on an international level e.g. academics, those involved in trade, busi­ness and politics whereby their collaboration, ex­changes of ideas and perspectives will open up new horizons.

The Institute itself is a non-profit organization and will serve as a centre for Kytherian related activities for Kytherians and philo-Kytherians from within Greece and the diaspora and will work in liaison with estab­lished Kytherian associations and local government bodies, e.g. the Municipal Council of Kythera, the numerous kytherian Brotherhoods, the Kytherian studies association, the Open University of Kythera etc. Its aim is to bond ties between international Kytherian groups, develop communications and pro­vide information on subjects of direct concern and common points of interest. Home base will be Ath­ens with branches on Kythera, in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, New York and San Francisco.

Global conferences, symposiums, study groups, student exchange programmes, a research centre on Kythera and intensive Greek language courses will constitute part of the Institute’s broad programme. Particular attention will be directed to young Kytherians from the diaspora in order to give them the opportunity of becoming familiar with their Kytherian heritage. The Institute of Kytheriasmos will be a centre whereby all Kytherian related data will be processed and documented thereby creating a Kytherian Data Bank. Future plans of the Institute include the establishment of a Museum dedicated to the Immigrant kytherian, an international “Kytherian Day”, the appointment of a Kytherian “Ambassador”, etc.

The Institute is on line with its own web site, email and regular news letters. Arrangements are already in hand for the Meeting which will be held in September 2004 when the first major global convention will take place.

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