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Sigma Epsilon Phi

Sigma Epsilon Phi
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a part of which was "fused" into The National Union of Greek Australian Students - NUGAS.

Sigma Epsilon Phi was "heavily" Kytherian in its early years, with the late Professor Manuel Aroney and Andrew A Coroneo being founding members. This entry is placed on kythera-family in order to encourage persons active in the 50's to come forward with photographs, reminiscences and other important historical data.


Greek student organisations in Australia date back to the 1950s. Sydney University's Sigma Epsilon Phi and the Melbourne University Greek Club both formed in the 1950s, when the pattern of Greek migration to Australia was on the rise.

Communications between the clubs on campus and the states in the late 60's led to the first national gathering in Sydney in May, 1970. Participants discussed issues such as the Church, the Greek Language, Education, Multism, Military service in Greece for Greek-Australians and economic and social issues.

At the 7th National convention of Greek-Australian students held in Perth in 1976, the National Union of Greek-Australian Students (NUGAS) was formed. The four representative bodies of NSW, WA, SA, and Victoria and the Clubs formulated the aims and structure of the national body.


Since its inception, NUGAS has been active in the lives of Greek-Australian Students all over Australia. The various state councils host regular events for their members, such as boat cruises, annual balls and cultural events. The National Council also organizes annually the NUGAS National Convention, which is held in a different state each year, as well as publishing an annual magazine.

NUGAS is a Greek-Australian student movement created by youth in the interests of youth. With regard to such NUGAS is truly a representative body and has the resources and structure to prosper and continue as an organization that is influential in representing young Greek-Australian students and their issues. NUGAS today is an amalgamation of Hellenic Clubs and Societies at a student level. It is comprised of over 14 clubs across Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, with 4 club associates in NSW (not directly affiliated with NUGAS) and one observer in the ACT.

Furthermore, NUGAS is now also undertaking the initiative of increasing communication between our various Hellenic Student organisations, with the aim of creating a network of all Greek University Societies located around the world. This would be of benefit as it would allow the associated organizations to unite as a global Hellenic student community, effectively voicing opinions of Hellenic Students, no matter where they reside. With this as a goal, several societies have already begun to make contact from the USA, Middle East and Europe

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