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Kytherian World Heritage Fund

Ποταμος. Εικονες & Ιστορια. Potamos. Images & History.

Author: Kosmas Megalokonomos

When Published: 2009

ISBN: 978-960-302-257-2 (Greece / Europe)

Available: Limited quantity. Available from the author.

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Language: Greek

Description: Large format paperback.

***NOTE: An English version of this book will be published by the Kytherian World Heritage Fund in 2012, and will be available for sale from July, 2012.

View / download a sample of the first 14 pages of the Text here:


About Kosmas Megalokonomos & Potamos

Kosmas Megalokonomos is a surgeon. After thirty years of working in Athens hospitals he is now based at the Trifillio Hospital in Kythera, demonstrating in practice an interest in his island. He has written widely in his field, and also writes articles on social, folklore and historical aspects of Kythera. He has published a collection of poetry entitled Mikres Alitheies (Small Truths), and has rendered the Iliad and the Odyssey into “rhyming summaries”.

In Potamos: History and Images he searches through sources, sheds light on themes, and finds roots. An example others should follow, demonstrating an interest in the history of their place and writing the history of their village, now as the world changes. For memories to be preserved, before forgetfulness sets in.

The history of Potamos is bound up in the general history of Kythera; the threads of the stories of both are thus unravelled in this way. Threads that the author has worked on for many years, he is now able to leave in the hands of the reader, with fewer knots and tangles.

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