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Article about "A Kytherian Century"

"Kathimerini" article, 6.8.2006

“Kathimerini”, the leading Greek broadsheet newspaper, has just published an enthusiastic article about the Kythera Photographic Archive, the forthcoming Encounters and the recently published A Kytherian Century. The article, a translation of which follows, appeared in the edition of Sunday, 6 August.


The Kythera Photographic Archive was founded barely four years ago, but its collection is already impressive. Many photographs have been rescued, others have been entrusted to the safety of the Archive by Kytherians, while new, recent images have joined the nostalgic older ones. Kythera is rapidly acquiring a reputation for photography, thanks not only to the Archive, but also through the popular annual Photographic Encounters which take place on the island in early autumn. This year, they will be held between 27 September and 1 October, hosted by photographer John Stathatos – now a permanent resident of Kythera, who has elevated the encounters into a crossroads of historic and contemporary photography, of young and old, of Greek and foreign photographers. New discoveries, acquaintances and exchanges of ideas represent the creative fruit of these encounters. Things are moving on Kythera – for instance, the publication of “A Kytherian Century”, a small book full of wonderful photographs, some of which we have chosen to share with our readers. Published by the Kythera Photographic Archive, it includes photographs by Panayotis Fatseas, Manolis Fatseas, Emmanuel Sophios, Dimitris Papadimos, John Stathatos, James Prineas, Nikos Panayotopoulos, Eleni Maligoura, Yiorgos Depollas and Kristina Williamson. Article about "A Kytherian Century" - FSK 06 Kathim 7 Aug

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