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George N Leontsinis

Kythera. Myth, History & Reality

Kythera. Myth, History & Reality - Kythera002

Authors & Producers: George Leontsinis & Athanasia Glycofrydi-Leontsini

Texts: George Leontinsis, Kosmas Megalokonomos, Litsa Kouneli

Director: Katerina Tsourlaki

A production of the Open University of the Municipality of Kythera

When Published: 2010

Publisher: Municipality of Kythera. www.kythira.gr



Order from George Leontsinis

Order from Athanasia Glycofrydi-Leontsini


Order from Victor Kepreotis

Order from George C Poulos

Order from Kathy Samios


A high quality DVD.

This 72 minute documentary is an invitation to the island of Kythera, the birthplace of Venus. It invites both Kytherians and travellers to explore the island, with its traditional towns and Venetian castles, its monasteries and churches, its picturesque architecture and historic sites, the natural beauty of its landscape and its marvellous beaches, the green olive groves, the local people and their traditions.

George Leontsinis, Professor of Modern History at the University of Athens, and director Katerina Tsourlaki offer a well documented travelogue to the island's historic, religious, cultural and everyday life, based on original texts, fieldwork, photographic material and interviews.

The documentary was produced by the Open University of the Municipality of Kythera (2002) and was first screened in Kythera (2002), and at the 18th International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia 2002, Thessaloniki; the DVD has been produced by the Municipality of Kythera (2008).

Kythera. Myth, History & Reality - Kythera001

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