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Blake More

Waking up to reality

I have been impressed with the stuff written by Anna Cominos for some time, but this last blog of hers about the windmills that will have such a negative effect on the island's ecosystems really stopped me in my tracks. I still have not visited Kythera, but I intend to do so in about six weeks and I have already made a few cyber friends who are very interested in the well-being of the island and its heritage and its people. All I can say is that I wish people would get up off their butts and start making more noise against what the politicians are planning to do to savage the island, namely, put up a bunch of windmills to generate power. I understand from one of Anna's earlier blogs that none of the electricity generated would in any way benefit the islanders. In her current blog she tells of going to a talk given by an expert who showed that the windmills will have deleterious (murderous) consequences on the migratory patterns of many species of birds ... like eagles who get caught and are killed when they fly into the wings of the windmill. So let me encourage all Greeks and diaspora Greeks to write or call government officials and demand that something be done to prevent an ecological disaster. Get moving, folks.

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