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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 07.11.2012


Athens 2 November 2012

To the Kytherian Diaspora and the Friends of Kythera
From the Kytherian Trifylleio Foundation
5 Themistocleous Street, Athens 106 77, Greece
Tel. +30 210 3838190, E-mail:

Dear Fellow Kytherians and Friends,
The funds for the running and maintenance of the Kytherian Nursing Home for the Aged (the Girokomeio) come mostly from rents of real estate donated by Kytherians living in Greece and abroad. Regrettably, due to the lasting and deep economic crisis tormenting Greece, many pieces of this property remain vacant for long, other are currently left by the tenants and in still other the tenants may stay only at reduced rents. As a result, the revenue of the Kytherian Nursing Home for the Aged has drastically decreased, with a tendency of a further drop in the years to come. At the expenditure side, the cost is augmenting, among others, because of the rather heavy taxation that has recently been imposed on the income of Social Care Foundations, as ours, widening thus the Nursing Home’s budget deficit. The Trifylleio Foundation that runs the Nursing Home and covers alone its chronic deficit is also facing a similar financial strain for exactly the same reasons as the Nursing Home, since its income comes from its owned property too. Under these conditions, we have now unfortunately reached a critical financial point and the situation is very likely to worsen even further if any additional funds are not soon forthcoming.

With this letter we desperately call upon you, the Kytherians of diaspora and the friends of Kythera asking you to financially support our (your) Home for the Aged to overcome its current urgent state, helping in effect the old-aged fellow Kytherians, perhaps even some of your relatives, to go through the last period of their lives peacefully and in comfort. As you have proven in the past your sensitivity and your will to help our little island, your Tsirigo, when in hardship, we are convinced that you will respond to our appeal for help. Be assured that any contribution will be duly recognized by our Foundation, and, we are sure, by the Kytherian people too.

Nursing Home Bank Account: National Bank of Greece:
IBAN: GR 9501104520000045248001922

Thanking you in anticipation.
May Our Panagia Myrtidiotissa bless you all.

For the Board of Directors of the Trifylleio Foundation

Dr Emmanuel G. Kalokairinos
The Chairman

Dr Nicholas P. Glytsos
The Secretary General

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