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submitted by O Kosmos on 15.10.2010

64 children set sail to seek an adventure island from Kogarah to Kythera

O Kosmos

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Wednesday 13th October, 2010, page 16

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Only the Kytherian Young Mothers Group are clever and creative enough to offer a phenomenal fun filled fantastic journey to an adventure island through a series of challenging games and activities that teams of children engaged in with hard labour and strong pirate spirit. It was Girl Power versus Fairy Island versus Mehardies to name a few of the serious sailors who set out to sea.

The tireless and talented Matina Coolentianos facilitated their journeys through 3 hours of puzzle solving, pirate ship building, pirate doll tunnel ball, shell picking, coin collecting, treasure searching and stealing and countless other team building activities.

This generous journey cost only a mere $30 for some amazing gifts and prizes. On arrival children received their own colourful cotton beach towel to sit on, their bucket and spade, and throughout the course of the evening some great treasure gifts, refreshing pineapple drinking cups, sausage in a roll with chips dinner and jelly and funky girly beach bags and boy back packs to pack their possessions away safely and make their travelling experience real.

Even parents were encouraged to travel up the road for a coffee break and a chat to recharge their batteries. It was hard to believe that a humble hall on Clayton Reserve, San Souci could offer such an eventful and memorable night.

Our warmest and sincerest congratulations are expressed to Matina Coolentianos, Maria Notaras, Maria Coolentianos and Eva Condoleon in the Young Mothers Group of the Kytherian Association of Australia, who prepared a most impressive and highly successful evening. A big thank you is expressed to the kind parents who volunteered their help on the night with managing the children.

We eagerly await next year’s journey!

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