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submitted by John Stathatos on 11.09.2006

DEATH OF EMMANUEL SOFIOS (11 September 2006)

The Kytherian photographer Emmanuel Sofios, who had been seriously ill for several years, died at home and was buried in Potamos on Sunday, 10 September. The son of D. Sofios of Logothetianika, who had been one of the island’s two pre-war professional photographers (the other was Panayotis Fatseas of Livadi), Emmanuel Sofios continued the family tradition, working in Potamos for many decades. He was perhaps best known for his famous photograph of Allied troop carriers and landing craft drawn up in Kapsali Bay on September 16, 1944, copies of which can still be seen in many houses and offices on the island. It is to be hoped that his extensive archives will remain on the island, as they undoubtedly reflect a substantial part of recent Kytherian history.

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submitted by
James Gavriles
on 12.09.2006

Emmanual did much to introduce us that were not born and raised in Kythera to the beauty of our island ,even though the pictures were in black and white, we awere able to see the island that our parents, grandparents and ancestors came from. He was able to take pictures that allowed us to visualise this beautiful place. His memory will live in his photographs that we all have copies of.