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submitted by Kythera Hiking on 04.05.2013

Easter walk organised by Kythera Hiking

Easter walk organised by Kythera Hiking - Kythera Hiking

An Easter walk was undertaken at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday May 3rd. The meeting point was at the English bridge right before Kapsali (as you begin the descent from Chora towards Kapsali).

The walk started in the morning from Kapsali. Hikers then walked to Chora on the pathway on the western side of the Castle. From Chora the walk continued to Feloti bay, and from there, "Kapitan" Spyros took the walkers by Glass Bottom boat to Chytra (Hydra), and then back to Kapsali. During the walk local participants were accompagnied by the hiking team of the Athens Walking Club. The latter had been hosted by Kythera Hiking during the past few days.

"The walk was fabulous. We had 20 kytherian participants plus 42 people from an Athenian hiking club! They were all amazed!"

Details about the hike:

Difficulty: Easy walk
Equipment: Hiking boots, hat, sun-screen, water

Participation fee: 9euros/person (solely for the Glass Bottom boat trip)

Fivos Tsaravopoulos organised the hike.

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