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submitted by John Stathatos on 10.04.2012

Kytherian Initiative's beach cleanup

On Palm Sunday, April 8th, members and friends of Kythiraiki Protovoulia (“Kytherian Initiative”), the political association bent on reforming local government on Kythera, cleared up a winter’s worth of rubbish from Fyri Ammos beach. The refuse, consisting largely of wave-born plastic bottles and containers, was gathered up and carried away for recycling. Fyri Ammos on the east coast, one of the island’s longest and most attractive beaches, is still pristine and unspoiled. Kythiraiki Protovoulia, which has announced that it will if necessary have recourse to legal measures to halt any further illegal development of Kythera’s beaches, is making sure it remains that way.

You can follow Protovoulia’s activities on our website,

Kytherian Initiative's beach cleanup - Cleaning Fyri Ammos 1sA

Kytherian Initiative's beach cleanup - Cleaning Fyri Ammos 3sA

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