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submitted by Moree Champion on 17.04.2011

Roxy theatre celebrates 75 years

Moree Champion

14 Apr, 2011


BINGARA’S iconic Roxy theatre
celebrated its 75th anniversary at the weekend with the help of many patrons.
Event organisers and Bingara itself made all feel welcome at an anniversary to be remembered, which included a visit to the town by actor John Wood, of Blue Heelers fame.

Revellers partied late into the night at a Greek-style gala ball on Saturday, April 9, after the Peter’s & Co Café and new museum officially opened at 6pm.

Patrons were also treated to a showcase of cartoons and footage from the early years of cinema in Australia, along with a feature-length screening of Roberta, the first film ever shown at the Roxy at its official opening in March, 1936.

Much of the Roxy’s original “art deco” interior has been preserved and restored.

Guests were, however, treated to a modern cinema screen as they peered into Hollywood’s “Golden Age”.

Wood, in a question and answer seminar inside the theatre, said the closeness he felt to the Roxy was unmatched by any other theatre in Australia.

Wood believed the Roxy was on the right track to becoming an international icon thanks to its preserved state.

Wood has already performed live twice in two productions at Bingara’s theatre.

Roxy manager Sandy McNaughton presented an historic tour of the theatre, thanking in particular the volunteers who made the event and running of the theatre possible.

Other events included a screening of a documentary titled “As Australian As” starring John Wood, and a big breakfast spread at Peter’s & Co Café for patrons.

The Roxy was built by three Greek partners from the island of Kythera.

Opening in 1936, the complex included the art deco theatre, a café, and guest house.

Film buffs, theatre fans, history enthusiasts, and members of the public turned out for the two days.

Members of the Moree Motor Enthusiasts Club also graced the front of the Roxy for several hours, after returning from a motor show in Tamworth.

Former NSW Premier Bob Carr also attended celebrations at the Roxy.

Festivities wrapped up late Sunday afternoon.

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