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Spyro Calocerinos

Mouldy Bread

My grandmother used to tell me in Kythera,that I should always have in my pocket a piece of mouldy bread.When I asked her why,she replied that if I ever wounded myself,I should rub the mouldy bread on the open wound.
Is it true that penicillin has some similar medicinal qualities?

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Spyro Calocerinos
on 23.10.2004

On October 22nd,I received an email from Michael Kalos with this information. Sokolof (1945) spoke of personally encountering in Yucoslavia the use of mouldy bread for dressing wounds and was told that it was in use among the peasants of Greece and Ukraine.Possibly the following from a letter of B.R.Townend (1943) is an example of the same widespread folklore: You can read more on the linked website below: http://www.tallpoppies.net.au/florey/explorer/story/72ex.html My grand mother must have known more than today's grandmothers about Home Remedies.