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Dimitris Kontoleon


Astikon - 101_3429

The most popular coffee shop on the island was established in 1908. At Astikon you will enjoy a cup of coffee, a soda, or a cocktail.

You will taste a variety of appetisers, accompanied by ouzo, or tsipouro (a type of local alcoholic beverage), sweets, and a variety of ice cream flavours.

Have your breakfast at Astikon. Breakfast is served from 7:00 am. We are also open until late at night!

Have an iced beverage, or a beer while listening to selected music.

Sit indoors, in the large lounge area, or outside, if you a romantic type, who enjoys taking in the view, and the "happenings" in the delightful village of Potamos.

At Astikon you will be able to play board games, backgammon and chess, as well as access the computer, and the world wide web.

A "hot spot" wireless internet connection is available here.

Divest yourself of all anxiety.

Pleasant surprises await those with an open mind.

Events include poetry readings, movie screenings, and art exhibits.

You are in the central meeting point of the island.

The traditional kafenion.

Opposite the Church,

Tel: 27360 33141

Email, Astikon

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