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George Khalil

George Khalil - Master Tradesmen - Karavas, Kythera

George Khalil - Master Tradesmen - Karavas, Kythera - SDC10530

George is competent in a number of trades, including, painting, rendering, tiling, contruction of fences & structures, and general handyman work.

He also has the ability to organise other tradesmen, to perform their duties on time and to specification.

He always arrives to the job either early or on time, and never lets you down.

The walls in the photo are his own construction.

George has high recomendations from Polyzoi Theothoros, of Ayia Pelagia, George C Poulos, and Peter Faros, of Sydney, and Harry Souris, of Brisbane, for whom he has done extensive work.

Mobile Phone: 6970070607

Contact George by EMAIL, here

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