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submitted by Kythera Homecare on 01.03.2011

Kythera Homecare

Do you own a holiday home or inherited property and real estate on Kythera? Kythera Homecare undertake to inspect and look after your property during your absence and throughout the entire year, making regular visits and providing you with detailed reports. Depending upon your precise requirements, we can provide many additional services including house opening and closing, cleaning, gardening, maintenance and repairs, as well as overseeing major repairs and project management.

Our basic annual homecare packages offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly inspections lasting 45’, during which time we go through a checklist determined in collaboration with you. For all other services, we charge a flat management rate which is calculated pro-rata.

Examples of our home-care check list include:

• Inspecting the property inside and out.
• House airing.
• Checking central heating system and fuel levels.
• Watering potted plants and checking automatic watering systems.
• Checking dehumidifiers.
• Checking cisterns and water tanks.
• Checking that gutters are clear and free flowing.
• Applying spray lubricant where necessary.
• Checking boilers, fridges, cookers, air-conditioners, dishwashers, washing-machines and other domestic appliances.
• Checking plumbing.
• Dealing with any problems arising.


Weekly inspections: € 30.00 per visit
Bi-weekly inspections: € 37.50 per visit
Monthly inspections: € 45.00 per visit

Management rate: € 10.50 pro-rata

You will receive a brief email report after every inspection, as well as a full monthly report in spread-sheet format detailing every charge.

For more information, please contact us by email:

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