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submitted by Rowan Parkes on 28.06.2004

A night at the games 2004

So, this year, as we have all been informed countless times, the Olympic games are returning to their roots here in Greece. Based on this fact then, at the end of their school year, the junior school of Potamos put on a show, with a special appearance of the Kindegarten, a show about the Olympic games… a show I can safely say was the best theatrical production (or any sort of production for that matter) Kythera has ever seen!
The whole thing was organized by a wonderful young teacher, who schooled her charges for three months steady, so as to be able to give us the most fantastic performance imaginable, using just about every technique for children’s theatre I have ever heard of, and a few more of her own. Now, where to start?
The setting consisted of the general stage, where scenery and costumes changed continuously, and a large screen where images and videos from the Olympic games and the accompanying rituals showed throughout the production. The narrators where two of the older girls from the top class, and they gave the general introductions to the scenes and rituals, reading various historical pieces on the games as well as pieces of literature and various facts on the subject. The first scenes showed the Gods of Olympus arguing with each other over whether they should support the games or not, each God portrayed beautifully both with their dress and their actions. After much discussion, as Aries voted war and Dionyssos continually offered the tsipoura around, Zeus broke the argument up and it was agreed that the Olympic games would have the aid and support of all the Gods, and each was given a part to play in the proceedings. Their followed the most dramatic piece of theatre any one present had ever seen and we all felt our mouths falling gradually open as a tall dark girl stood in front of the microphone and recited in ringing, passionate tones a poetic piece of literature, calling for the world to unite and come together in peace for the games. Then things started in earnest, and there followed a full two hours and more during which we witnessed the preparations for the games by the priestesses and their rituals, saw the torches lighted all over the globe, the priestesses danced and sang, olive branches and flickering torches flickered all around and, as the final touch, a white dove, the universal symbol of peace, was released into the nights sky as the fires danced higher. The children danced traditional dances and paraded the countries and cities who had hosted the Olympic games, the Kindergarten put in a special appearance carrying flags of Greece, Europe and the games, and the whole history of the games and their revival was laid before the viewers in words and imagery and songs. There followed sample performances of the various competitions, some seen through the screen of black theatre, some shown in live action by teams of children. Thus the Olympic games where bought to life in the amphitheatre of Potamos, athletes and priestesses, Gods and Goddesses, everyone played their part, and the whole performance was rounded of with heartfelt renditions of a selection of songs about the games, and few where left without a tear or a big silly smile as we watched the kids sing their hearts out and heard the oh so patriotic words they cried into the night.
There were many tears and hugs at the end, when three months of teamwork and bonding came to their climax and close, and as for the audience, well, we all had our mouths open and our hands were sore from clapping! So congratulations to the Potamos junior school, and we hope fervently to see some similar magic in the future, and to see some of those kids with rising stage carriers later on! A most amazing performance, and if you weren’t there it would be wise to get hold of a DVD of the night, either from the local television or from the Potamos school teachers. What a preparation for the Games, perhaps even better then the real thing!

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