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submitted by Rowan Parkes on 24.10.2004

Flower power project 2004

On the “kentriko” (central) Kytherian road running from Chora to Potamos and onwards, at a point a little way after the turning off to Aloizianika village and going South, for the past few (or is that many?) years the observant eye might have spotted a large cement barrel, the kind attached to cement carrying lorries, rusting contentedly by the side of the road. Since a bright day in October 2004 however, things have changed.
On the afore mentioned bright and blustery October day, a group of, shall we say “local activists”, drawn from the North of the island, parked on a dirt road leading off the central route and then walked a little way back up the road to the overturned cement barrel, a reminder of a lorry crash that no one ever got round to clearing away (a familiar story on the island!). With them they carried acrylic paint and brushes, and after everyone had shouted, joked and generally decided things each to his own satisfaction, they proceeded to swarm over the barrel, dripping brushes in hand and industrial grins on their faces.
A few hours later everyone stood back to admire their handy work. What had once been a rusting item of bygone machinery was now a piece of scenery straight out of the sixties. Flowers rioted in colour on one side, on the other peace signs shone and hippy children waved, and on the round backside of the barrel a large many coloured sun brought light to the surrounding country.
The project was organized to make a statement to the local dignitaries, to bring some colour to the hearts of the islanders, and to give everyone a fun afternoon, and is believed to have succeeded in all three. So anyone planning to travel the “kentriko” road anytime soon, keep your eyes skinned, and never forget:
Peace, love and… PAINT!

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