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Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Matina Pavlakis. Mat, knotted needle lace, cotton.


Mat, knotted needle lace, cotton.

Matina Pavlakis, Sydney, 1990-1994


Mat, knotted needle lace, cotton,

Matina Pavlakis, Sydney, 1990-1994.

Round knotted needlelace mat in ecru synthetic thread. Large centre circle with ten smaller circles around the outside, variation of a traditional design.

Production notes

Note on file says design was modified from a published pattern.

Made by Matina (Stamatoula) Pavlakis, born on the island of Kythera, Greece. One of five children, Matina attended primary school at her village of Fratsia and for two years the Home Science College for Girls. Here, at the college, she was taught crochet, tatting, knot lace, weaving and embroidery.

Although the history of Kythera can be traced back to the days of the very early civilisation of the eastern Mediterranean, the introduction of a vast variety of knowledge was due to the island's important strategic position, described as the 'eye of the Mediterranean'. As each trading nation or conquering power used Kythera, some part of their experience or knowledge was passed on to the locals evolving in new ideas for crafts etc being implemented. In the field of needlework, crocheting and tapestry, one can distinguish the influence of the Phonecian, Venetian, English and French.

Like many others who migrated to Australia, Matina brought with her the knowledge and skills of their 'homeland' and in Matina's case, the skill of fine needlework. She arrived in Australia in 1960 and has always lived in Sydney.

Married with three children, Matina 'an unassuming housewife' started winning prizes in district shows since 1975, with a total of 16 First Prizes in one year.

She works enthusiastically and consistently on a variety of projects with tatting and knot lace being her favorite.

Matina lives in Burwood where she proudly shows her two hundred plus ribbons for her 'pricelss art' to those who are interested in these art forms and who have time to indulge in these skills or wish to, learn about them.

(Written by family friend Peter Vanges 7/9/94)

Acquisition credit line

Mrs Matina Pavlakis

Registration number

Production date
1990 - 1994

205 mm

205 mm

3 mm


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