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submitted by George Poulos on 01.02.2007

Kytherian Philosophies of George C Poulos.

A. kythera-family website.

Utilising the web-site

Tips for current & prospective users

How to submit photographs

Tips for submitting to kythera-family; from an experienced user

Family ties. The genesis, rationale & power of

Powerpoint presentation. The genesis, rationale & power of Download it here

Family ties. The genesis, rationale & power of

Interview with George Poulos, by Angeliki Pentsi, Brisbane, Australia 14.04.07

Kythera-Family.Net Needs You!

Unifying support for the kythera-family website amongst Kytherian Associations and Brotherhoods, in Australia, and around the world

Brisbane KAA Presentation.ppt

B. A unified spirit of Kytheraismos amongst Kytherian Associations and Brotherhoods in Australlia

Brisbane KAA Presentation.ppt

Report on the official Queensland launch of & Katsehamos & The Great Idea

C. A unified spirit of Kytheraismos amongst Kytherian Associations, Brotherhoods & Societies, around the world

Brisbane KAA Presentation.ppt

Australian visit. By, President, Society of Kytherian Studies, Athens, Nikos Petrochilos. October 2005

Interview with Professor Nikos Petrochilos, SBS Radio, Sydney, Australia, 2005, Listen

Institute of Kytheraismos. A Kytherian-Australian perspective

Institute of Kytheraismos. 1st International Symposium. Report

Institute of Kytheraismos. 2nd International Symposium. Proceedings

Institute of Kytheraismos. 2nd International Symposium. Review

California USA Tour - August 2007

D. Benefaction for Kytherian causes.

Supreme Kytherian benefaction. The on-going legacy of the Notaras brothers, Angelo & John

The Anointed Ones. Thoughts on the Art of Giving. James Agapitos.

Call of the Benefactor. It's in giving that we receive! James Agapitos.

Thrillarian. A person who gets a real thrill from performing an act of philanthropy.

A.H.E.P.A. originated mostly by Kytherians in Australia

Nicholas Laurantus announcing his first donation to St Basil's Homes in 1973

Supreme Hellenic Benefaction. The Benaki Museum

Neuroscience & Benefaction

Interview with George C Poulos, by Professor Anastasios M. Tamis on Thursday 7th July 2005

Kythera-Family.Net Needs You!

Roxy Museum, Bingara. Call for donations

E.Preserving and recording our Kytherian History, Heritage & Culture.

Preserving and recording our Kytherian History, Heritage & Culture. Speech by Angelo L Notaras

John Stathatos and the Kythera Photographic Archive

Glass Plate Negatives. What are they? How do you clean, preserve, and archive them?

An Explanation of the new ISO standards for long term storage of photographic materials

Work begins on curating the Panayotis Fatseas Archive. 11th July 2006

F. Part (i). Background to Life in Australia, 1916.

Kytherian Philosophies of George C Poulos. - 2 LIA books

A limited number of the books Life in Australia in Greek, and Life in Australia in English, are still available.

They cost $50 each. If A Greek and English edition are purchased at the same time, the cost discounts to $80.
Additional postage and handling costs – $10, for up to 3 books.
Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) accepted.

Available in Australia from:

George C. Poulos

Email, George C Poulos

Ph: 61 2 9388 8320

Angelo Notaras

Email, Angelo Notaras

Ph: 61 2 9810 0194 ext.711 (24hrs)

Fax: 61 2 9810 6691

***To PURCHASE the 2009 replica of the book(s)***:

.jpg image of the Life in Australia book(s)Order Form

Larger version of 2 books graphic above, available here

More Information about Life in Australia:

Title page of Life in Australia

LIA Front red page.pdf

Pages 1-10, in English translation

Pages 1-10, in the original Greek

An easy way to track the various Greek families represented in the book.


Life in Australia on display at Cafe Society exhibition at Inverell, April, 2004

Full length panel about the book, at the Inverell exhibition

Kytherians admiring the panel at the Inverell exhibition

Download .pdf of the original artwork for the panel here:

M&G_PANEL_Life _in _Aus.pdf

A typical biographical entry. Nicholas P Aroney (i Liapos), and his son Peter Aroney

Art deco illustrations in the book

Beautiful illustrative flourish 1

Beautiful illustrative flourish 2

Beautiful illustrative flourish 3

Beautiful illustrative flourish 4

Beautiful illustrative flourish 5

Articles & Press about Life in Australia

Excellent, comprehensive, 2008 article about the books pending publication.

LIA article_2008_Book_pending.pdf

Page 30, O Kosmos, Sydney, Friday 6th November, 2009.


Neos Kosmos, 19th November, 2009. Author Vivienne Morris.


Antikythera mechanism article with reference to the KWHF, and the 9 Dec, 2009, LIA book launch.

Anti Kythera Mechanism article 2.11.2009.pdf

Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum Liftout

Sydney Morning Herald, Feature Article


For an e-mention at the very prestigious Good Reading Magazine at,

Press Releases

Press Release 1 3.11.9.pdf


Press Release_3_25.11.09.pdf


Links to other web pages


Library Holdings

National Library of Australia

Speeches about Life in Australia

John Nicholas Comino

Part (ii). Life in Australia, 1916….how history unfolded in the ensuing generations

Damian Andronicus. The last man standing

Bretos G Margetis. A daughter remembers

Andronicus brothers. Coffee merchants. With links to subsequent generations

Emmanuel N Meimarakis. A grandson gains knowledge about his granfather

G. Creating, utilising, and enhancing the impact of Kytherian Symbols of power

Kytherian Medal of Honour

Kytherian Medal of Honour. Reverse

A Flag for Kythera. Proposal 1. Proposal utilising one of (wo)mankind's most ancient, primal and powerful symbols.

H. The Roxy Complex, Bingara, New South Wales.
An Australian-Kytherian memorial 1854-to date, and a Kytherian sacred site and Kytherian pilgrimage point.

Roxy Website Main Page

Roxy Theatre, Main Page

Roxy Café, Main Page

Roxy Museum, Main Page

Katsehamos and the Great Idea, the Book

April 9th & 10th, 2011, 75th Anniversary Celebrations, Home Page

Restoration of Kytherian and Hellenic Sacred sites

Buffer Map of the distances from Bingara to major cities of Kytherian and Hellenic population

The Roxy Complex, Bingara. Preserving an important part of the Greek-Australian heritage….forever

A call for DONATIONS for the Roxy Museum

I. Speeches.

Sydney launch of Katesehamos and the Great Idea. Introducing the guest speaker, former Premier of NSW, the honourable Bob Carr.

Roxy Museum, Bingara. Call for donations

J. Photographs........George Poulos with...

Prime Minsister of Australia, John Howard, and fellow Kytherian executives

With visiting Professors George & Athanassia Leontsinis, in the office of the Prime Minister, John Howard

The Prime Minister of Greece Kostas Karamanlis with some of the executive of the Kytherian Association of Australia

Committee of the Kytherian Association of Australia

The Kytherian World Heritage group

With Professor Nikos Petrochilos & freinds

With Film Producer George Miller, and wife Lorraine

With Dr Nick Comino, Queensland

Parading the icon of Ayios Theothoros with Victor Kepreotis

Photographs. The seven stages of life

George as young adolescent

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