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submitted by Eleni Harou on 30.10.2003

Lady Murderer

Pirates, most likely of the Barbarosa stock, landed on the island, intent on taking the locals captive. The people, terrified, ran for the caves in the gorge. All managed to hide but one man. He was taken captive and whipped to force whereabouts of the others out of him. But he gave no word, even though they were hiding close by. Then suddenly a babe in the caves began to cry. His mother prayed for it to be quiet but it continued to bawl. The enemy heard it, and as they drew closer the people prayed for a miracle. And the answer came: the man who had been taken captive and had until now stood silent through the torture cried out: “I see slavery looking me in the face and laughing at me. Bitch, kill your cub to save your people.”
And the mother killed her child, and the miracle came about and the people where freed, and the Lady Murderer (Fonissa) became a saint of the island.

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