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submitted by Peter Vanges on 10.05.2006


Is a small village on the road between Hora and Potamos near the intersection with the road to Mylopotamos. Evidence of ancient habituation has been found in this area. The name, Dokona, derives from the fact that during the British occupation, a road toll was collected there. The locals who used the road felt that they were trapped, thus the word Dokana (trap) was used to describe this location.

Early residents of this village since 1797 appear to have been the Glytsos family. Descendants of families originating from Dokana can be found in America and Australia.

Kythera. A History of the island of Kythera and its people. pp. 225-226.
Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia.
ISBN 0 646 15527 X

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submitted by
William Michaels
on 06.09.2010

Very interesting research. My mother's maiden name was Glitsos, daughter of Vasili and Fotini Glitsos of Dokana. Will try to pursue further.

submitted by
William Glitsos
on 25.01.2014

William, came across your comment here. My name is also William, William Glitsos (33). I am the grandson of Vasili (Bill) Glitsos who lived in Dokana and Tamworth/Australia. I'm looking into my family tree and interested to see what you found. My grandfather's parents were Minas Glitsos and Stamatoula.