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submitted by Nikie Andronico Saffas on 08.04.2010

Quotes of my Parents_Athan John & Catherine Stratis Andronicos

Frequent quotes of my parents:

Athanasios/Thanasis Andronicos -01/1881-01-1965
Ekaterini Efstratiadis Andronicos -03/1895-08-1989
from whom I learned:
to accept others; to enjoy work; to revel in speaking; chanting & singing in both Greek & English; the importance of spirituality; humor; patience; perseverance; philanthropy; philosophy; pride of heritage; self- confidence; self-discipline; self-reliance; and thrift.

Agapa ton filo sou me ta elatomata tou =Love your
friend with his faults;
A’ston, eine pedi! Let him be, he’s a boy!

Bikes sto horo,Horepse!=You joined the dance,Dance!
You started something, Finish it!
Den eine ti les, eine to yfos sou! = It isn’t what you say,
it’s your tone (of voice);
Ee Kamila den blepi tin kampoura tis=The camel does
not see its hump;
Fasouli, to fasouli, yemizi to sakouli = Bean by bean,
the sack fills;
Gnothis Afton = Know Thyself ;

Kathe embothio se kalo= Every impediment is for good;

Katse st’avga sou = Sit on your eggs
(stay put or stay out of this);
Lexis den boro, den yparhi! = The word can’t doesn’t
Miden, prin to telos Markarize= Zero, before the end,
judge. Don’t judge before you know all the facts

Opios viazete, hezete! Haste makes waste! He who
hurries "messes" his pants!

Opou laloun pola kokoria, argi na ximerosi = Where
many cocks crow, daybreak is late;

Opou den pipti logos, pipti ravthos= where words fail,
or where reason doesn’t fall, the rod falls;

Pan Metron Ariston=Measure/Weigh All Well=Think
before you act;
Pez mou tin synanastrofi sou, na sou po ton harahtira
sou. Tell me of your associates & I will tell you
your character;
Skepsou Kala, pios eise = Think well about who you
are; our lineage, dates back to the noble families of
11th Century Byzantium;
Stolistike ee Nymfi, kai emine=The bride adorned
herself, & remained (rejected). We would hear
this phrase, if it rained as we prepared to drive to
visit family in San Francisco, California, USA;

To Ftino eine akrivo= What is cheap, is expensive;

To psari bromai apo to kefali= The fish stinks from the
head. Abuse of power, and greed, starts at the top;
To Spatali eine amartia = Waste is a sin;

Ton Fronimon Oliga= (From) the sensible/wise--little
(trouble); “Behave”.

PapaYiannis Emmanouil Andronicos.Katsoulianika.1846
D:Troizina, Poros, Greece-1908
“Oso ehis na kernas, ol’oi filoi s’agapane!”
As long as you are able to treat (pour drinks) all
your friends love you.

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