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submitted by Margaret Tuite on 22.01.2008

Gerakari - Haralambos I Souris photo 4 of 5

Gerakari - Haralambos I Souris photo 4 of 5
Copyright (2007) Margaret Tuite

Perhaps being able to read some of the text on the gravestone will help with identification.

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submitted by
Terry Chlentzos
on 25.01.2008

Here is a translation: Haralambos Souris Kalomoira Souri They produced four sons and as many daughters The two girls they held close to their breast in their hours (the next word is cut off) The other six children traveled to the foreign lands. They worked hard. They lived happily But,. one daughter died as she became a mother of a daughter And... after she died one of their sons. Three sons, one daughter were in America She became a mother of two sons, but she died as well. The mother could not take this third blow. The next year in her village the church bell sadly tolled She flew to find the beautiful Fyllia And her other two children, Stavros and Maria With this plaque the children cover the parents Their son Panagiotis with a heavy heart And these verses were written by their nephew Evagelos A token of gratitude to mother Kalomoira and filial love to Triantafyllia Because she suckled them together when they were infants