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submitted by Marion Brown (nee, Johnson) on 19.11.2005

Albert Brown. Gravesite. Gilgandra Cemetery.

Albert Brown. Gravesite. Gilgandra Cemetery.
Copyright (0000) Marion Brown

Albert was father to 6 children, amongst them "Bertie" who would come to own (along with Marion Johnson, ie me) 3 bakeries in Gilgandra.

Both the Brown and Johnson families developed deep friendships with Kytherians in the town of Gilgandra.

Oral History by Marion Brown (nee, Johnson). Kytherians in Gilgandra.

Examples of this interaction:

"Paul and Chris Kelly were married at the Holy Trinity Church in Surrey Hills. My older sister, Judy, was one of the 6 bridesmaids. They all looked beautiful. The Archbishop married them. This was a huge wedding. They "took over" the entire Hampton Court Hotel in Kings Cross. There was no expense spared. My mother and father were there".

"George Psaltis came later in the Monterey Cafe. They were a quite family, who did not have a great deal to do with the community. My father-in-law, Albert Brown - he was very freindly with George Psaltis. George "kept to himself."

He liked to shoot, and I have a couple of great photo's of Albert and George shooting in Gilgandra".

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