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submitted by Jim Tzannes on 29.03.2005

Emmannuel Kepreotes. Gunnedah.

Emmannuel Kepreotes. Gunnedah.
Copyright (0000) Patricia Ducrow

Gravestone of Emmannuel Kepreotes in the Gunnedah cemetery.

Passed away, 24th January, 1973.

The history of Kytherians in Gunnedah has been well canvassed at Search under Gunnedah.

History of the Kytherian presence in Gunnedah

A photograph of Emmannuel Kepreotes in his prime

Kepreotes car park. A lasting memorial to the Kepreotes presence in Gunnedah

I would like to thank Patricia Ducrow of Gunnedah for locating the gravesite, and providing a photograph of it.

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