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submitted by Peter Tzannes on 20.01.2004

HMS Gloucester Thank you Plaque

HMS Gloucester Thank you Plaque
Copyright (2003) Helen Magiros

Plaque erected thanking the Kytherian People by the HMS Gloucster Association

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submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 19.07.2004

See story of the sinking of Gloucester 22nd May 1941 under miscellanneous.Thank you for this photo,as I could not find mine.Helen possibly took this photo last year.Thanks Helen.

submitted by
Peter Makarthis
on 16.07.2007

HMS Gloucester a light cruser saw heavy service in World War II. On May 22, 1941, while helping defend Crete, the Gloucester was dive-bomed by German Stukas and sank, having sustained at least four heavy bomb hits and three near-misses. 723 lives were lost, with just 82 survivors. Her sinking is considered to be one of Britain's worst wartime naval disasters. Researched 'Σκουλανδιρς' Peter Makarthis