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submitted by George Poulos on 19.11.2005

Maritsa Samios. Headstone. Old Dubbo Cemetery.

Maritsa Samios. Headstone. Old Dubbo Cemetery.
Copyright (0000) George Poulos

On Saturday 12th November, 2005, I drove to Dubbo, in central western New South Wales - to search for the gravesite of my baby sister Ollie. I had never been to the gravesite before - in the 53 years of my life.

I thought I was looking for a marked grave, and so I traipsed around the Old Dubbo Cemetery for two hours looking for it.

The story of how I found it, and the gravesites' exact location is told elsewhere.

In the meantime I encountered the gravesites of a number of Kytherians.

This is the headstone of one Kytherian, Matritsa Samios.

The epigraph on the headstone reads:

Gods greatest gift

I submit a photograph of the headstone of Maritsa Samios in the hope that this will prompt her descendants to provide us with her life-history.

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