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Jim Comino

Martina and Con Mavromatis pointing to gravesite

This is a picture of Con Mavromatis Theo Cominos Sisters Son, pointing out to my sister, where my Grandmother,Malamatania Cominos was buried.
This picture was taken in about 1978 when Martina and her Husband Bill Michael went to Kythera.

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Jim Comino
on 27.09.2009

Dads Mothre Malamatania [IN ENGLISH MARTINA] was starved to death during the last war with Germany when they controled the Island and confiscated all food for their troops, she was buried where she lay. Theo went back to Kythera to fix her grave site and then tried to fix his Father Minas gravesite but was refused permission to do anything to it by Authorities of the Island.