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submitted by Marina Fitzpatrick on 19.01.2005

Mavromatis - Kythera / Australia

Mavromatis - Kythera / Australia
Copyright (2000) Marina Fitzpatrick

Smaragdo Mavromatis(nee Kalopedes) died on 28/01/1947 aged 64 years,in Kythera.(photo's top & bottom left)The graveyard is somewhere near Potamos? My grandfather John Mavromatis died 3 weeks later on 18/02/1947 aged 72 years in Goomeri Queensland, Australia, where he is buried (photo bot.right) News of his wife's death hadn't reached him.
Also buried with my grandmother is her daughter,Stamatoula (Kominos) the only sibling of 6 who didn't emigrate to Australia, and my grandfather's brother George Mavromatis,who lived and worked for many years in Australia, travelling back and forth several times before returning to Kythera.

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