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submitted by George Poulos on 16.11.2005

Old Dubbo Cemetery. Location Map.

Old Dubbo Cemetery. Location Map.
Copyright (0000) Dubbo Municipal Council

This is the Location Map for Old Dubbo Cemetery

It is the oldest of 3 cemetries extant in the New South Wales Country town of Dubbo.

The cemetery is bounded by Cobborah Road to the North, Barden Avenue to the West, and Myall Street to the South.

Old Dubbo Cemetery sign. Looking from Myall Street; the southern end

Ownership and maintenance of the cemetery was assumed by Dubbo Municipal Council in 1967.

It is a pleasant and well maintained cemetery. Many volunteers spend many hours ensuring that it remains so. New fencing around the perimeter also helps in maintaining the cemetery at a high standard.

Members of at least 4 Kytherian families are buried in Old Dubbo Cemetery. Amongst them, Condoleon, Samios, and Feros.

One Kytherian buried there, Ollie Konstandinou (Tzortzo)Poulos, is buried in an unmarked grave, in the babies section, in the South-West corner.

Ollie Con(standinou) (Tzortzo)Poulos. Searching for baby Ollie.

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