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submitted by George Poulos on 19.11.2005

Paul Kelly. Gravestone. Gilgandra Cemetery.

Paul Kelly. Gravestone. Gilgandra Cemetery.
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Gilgandra Weekly, Wednesday, 12th May, 1971, page 9.

[Paul Kelly (Yiannakellis), was a towering presence in the town of Gilgandra, NSW. He married Kytherian Chrysanthe Georgopoulos (Pronounced Yeoryopoulos, called Poulos) in 1939. His impact on Kytherians and Kytherian affairs was immense - Administrator.]

Mr. Paul Kelly passed away suddenly on Monday May 3 at the age of 61 years. [Notice was given in the Gilgandra Weekly of Wednesday 5th May, that his Obituary would appear in the Gilgandra Weekly the following week.]

Paul came to Australia in 1926 from from Mytilene (Lesbos), and after two years in Sydney went to Bombala, where he was employed by the late Nicholas Condoleon and Mrs Condoleon for 12 years.

Following his marriage to Chrisyanthe Gorgopoulos he came to Gilgandra, thirty two years ago, where for a period of time he was in partnership with his wife and her brother, Emmanuel Gorgopoulos (deceased) in the newsagency and the ABC cafe.

The remainder of his life was spent in the Cafe except for a short period in 1960/1961 during which time, he and his family resided in Sydney.

Paul Kelly was a man who was respected and liked by all who knew him and this was shown by the number of people who attended his funeral which was held at the St. Ambrose Church of England on May 4.

Pall bearers were Messrs George Psaltis, Con Poulos, Theo Poulos, Harry Logus and Manuel and Nick Coroneos.

Although due to his business commitments he was unable to participate in many club activities, no organisation. either Church, sporting, charitable, or service, was ever turned away without help of some type.

Paul Kelly was a true Christian who helped those who needed it, but never once asked for any thanks.

Paul Kelly is survived by his wife Chrisyanthe, sons George and Theo, daughter Stella, son-in-law David Aird, and grandaughters, Kristina and Eyleena Aird.

One step-brother, Photis Kelly and his family of Kingsford, and a brother, Strati Kelly, predeceased him.

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