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Wilma Rule

Searching for a grave

Can anyone please help me to trace the grave of a Scottish soldier who was reportedly buried in the cemetery of Aghios Nickolaos Church in 1917 but possibly buried in Panagia Despina Cemetery, Karavas.  He was 21 year old Sgt Thompson and his body was washed up on the beach of Aghios Nickolaos at some time after the ship he was on was torped0ed and the villagers of Karavas buried him with a proper service and as well as a wooden railing round his grave, they erected a cross with his name and the year 1917 engraved on it.  We are desperate to find this young man's grave as he came from our home town, and one of his comrades who also died that day was my grandfather. Please, if anyone can locate this grave and let me know exactly where it is located and if possible send me a photograph I would be so thankful. 

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