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Irene Rammerath - Brisbane, Australia


My mother was a Kastrissios, My cousins Marie & Kos Kastrissios have added entry's previously. My Grandfather Charlie Kastrissios was born in Australia in 1923. My Grandmother Irene Kastrissios (nee Freeleagus) was also born in Australia in 1923. Her family was from the village Friligianika.

Emilie Castrission - Canberra, Australia


My Grandfather was Victor Castrission, I am visiting Kytheria at the end of the year.


Marie Savvakis (nee Kastrissios) - Brisbane, Australia


See my bother Kos' entry below.


Kos Kastrissios - Brisbane, QLD


My father is James Kastrissios born in Australia 1950, my grandfather Charlie (Kosma) Kastrissios born in Australia in 1924.


Castrission Peter - Canberra ACT


My father was Jack Castrission, born Kastrisianika on 14 Nov 1908. He arrived in Australia in 1921 at age 13 and lived there until his death in 1987. Dad was one of five brothers who established the famed Niagara Cafe in Gundagai, NSW. The story of dad's life is contained in the "Eternity" exhibition at the National Musuem of Australia, Canberra.


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