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Rebecca Leontarakis-Messina - USA


A simple thank you seems inadequate for having made this web-site available around the world. My father (and sister 1928) were born in Fratsia. Grandfather was a priest--Kosmas Leontarakis-aka patir skounaki. We have kinship with Cassimatis, Trakadas family and distantly related with the Marentis family. Still actively researching my grandmother...Kalliope Petroheliou also from Fratsia. I agree with the entry from R. Tzannes. Stated quite nicelY! Thank you!

Kosmas Marentis - Athens Greece


Tha xaro poli an filoi ke gnostoi epikoinonisete masi mou.
Kosmas marentis

joan marentis - huntington new york


Thank you for this fabulous site. My paternal grandfather is from Fratsia. We had the pleasure of visiting the island several years ago and it was heaven on earth. Gorgeous! I am trying to trace the Marentis family roots in the homeland. If anyone has any info on the Marentis family and relations kindly message me with what you know as I am attempting a genealogical study of the Marentis family. Thank you :)

Vicki Leondarakis Drakopoulou - Lagonissi, Greece


Congratulations on this excellent web site. My father, Nicolaos Leondarakis, was born in Fratsia in 1906. Every visit to Kythera only makes us want to stay longer. The feeling of complete peace and joy when in Kythera is magnified with every trip. The natural beauty of Kythera and the generosity and hospitality of the Kytherians makes one want to live there forever. We may do this some day. Your web site is a wonderful example of an island that cares for its natives and the strong desire to keep the ties with familes strong.


Peter Michael Marendy - Brisbane Australia


This is a great site. My father Minas (Michael) Peter Marendy was born in Atherton in 1945 to Greek parents who were from Fratsia. My Grandfather Peter Michael Marendy migrated to Australia in 1924. I believe my grandfather was the first of his family to come out to Australia and establish successful milkbars in both Atherton and Mareeba. The name 'Marendy' can still be seen adorning a set of shops in Atherton which he built in 1954. He and my grandmother Loula / Theadora Marendy (maiden name Mavromati) had four children: Mina (my father), John, Christie, and Chrissie.


Charles Zannes - Moree/Australia


I am the grandson of Charles Tzannes and Katherina Masselos of Fratsia. I visited Kythera in 1999. If anyone has any information in regards to my family or photos, please let me know. My grandparents moved to Australia in the 30's, and ended up in Moree. My father is Jim, my uncles and aunt are George, Steve, Theo, Mary and Peter.


Margaret Brown - Australia


Since first contacting the Administrator in April 2004, I am currently researching my father's life on Kythera and in Australia towards developing our Greek/Australian family tree.

My father was John Pavlakis, born on 1st January 1907. His mother was Staminakey Tambaccus and father Kiriakis Pavlakis. Dad had an older brother, Constantine, and a sister Maria.

My mother is Jean Pavlakis, nee Gibbons, of Irish descent, but fifth generation Australian.

As an Australian born Kytherian, I applaud this initiative and thank everyone involved for the opportunity to be in touch with my Greek heritage.


Skye Wilson - Australia


What a great site! My grandfather is from Fratsia, John Pavlakis, migrated to Sydney with his first cousin Jack Tambakis around 1930. Planning to come over soon. Thanks again!


Robin Tzannes - USA


Congratulations - you have created a really valuable site for all Kytherians. It is beautifully designed and very easy to use. This is the most fun I've had on the internet since ebay!


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