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The Guest Book section of the site is where you can let us know what you think of the site and of anything Kytherian in general.
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Karen Flynn - Brisbane Australia


Any mavromatis in kythere my grand father was George theodor macro antis born kyth ere

Kiriaki Orfanos - Sydney


Dear Robert, thank you so much for your interesting information regarding the Comino/Mavromatis connection, as a descendant of both families, I was fascinated by your research and would like to know where the information came from.There seems to be enough scope in your Comino family to suggest that at some point we could conceivably be related cheers Kiriaki


Yiannis Mavromatis - Athens-Greece


Betina and Babis Mavrommatis from Pitsinades send warm greetings to all those they have met during their visits to Australia and USA. They also express their thanks to the creators of the for their great contribution to strengthen the relationships among the Kytherians of the diaspora.


Yiannis Mavrommatis - Athens-Greece


Thanks to "Kythiraiki Idea" paper, I discovered today the "" . Born in Pitsinades, Kythera I left the island at the age of 18. I'm a primary school teacher lived and taught for years in Athens , Uk, and California, USA. I have met numbers of Kytherians in Diaspora, and felt their warm feelings for Kythera. Congratulations to the organizers of this site that gives the opportunity for communication, learning and sharing thoughts for our beloved Kythera.
Looking forward to meet many of you at the "Institute of Kythiraismos" conference this year in Kythera.
Regards, Yiannis Mavrommatis


Michael Mattys (Mavromatis) - Perth Australia


Congratulations on this fantastic site.
My father Spiridon Mavromatis was born in 1907 in Pitsinades. He came to Perth at age 10 leaving behind two brothers, George and Sotiri, one of whom, I believe migrated to USA.
His parents were Michael Mavromatis (Mikaelis) and Zaphiro Griengi. His sister Irene went to bribane and married Peter Aroney. Their children were Nicholas, Michael, Zaphiro and Mary. I would love to visit Kythera, but the opportunity has not arisen. I had the opportunity to go to Crete three years ago and flew over Kythera on the way there. I cannot describe the feeling as I looked out of the window and saw the Island. I am a strongly patriotic Australian, but as I flew over the Island, the strong feeling came to me that Kythera was my home. If anyone has information about my family origins, I would love to hear from you.


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