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Peter Trearchis

History/Genealogy of Panaretos/Trifillis Family 2

Here is the continuation of the descendants of Capt. Minas Panaretos and Fotini Melitas.

14. Eleni TREEFULL/TRIFLLIS. Born in Kythera, Greece. Eleni died in Kythera, Greece.
Eleni married Charlambos MELITAS.
They had the following children:
                        i. Kalliope (before 1918-)
                       ii. Ioannis (-2003) married Penelope and had a son Charalambos and daughter Eleni.
Maria Simos nee Levoune: Memories of her Teacher, Yiannis Melitas
I started primary school in Potamos, Kythera, in 1940 when I was six years old. The school was situated near the bridge called ‘The Delaverio’ after its founder. For the first two years our teacher was Maria Protopsaltis. Because of the war, our beloved teacher, Yiannis Melitas was in the army. He also spent some time in Athens for further education. When he returned to Kythera he was my teacher for the rest of my primary school years. I have fond memories of my teacher, Mr. Melitas.
He was handsome, tireless and creative. I don’t remember learning much, but I do remember that many times he entertained us with his violin, teaching us to sing and dance.
 In class I sat at the very first desk with my best school friend Koula Souris. I was well respected and considered a good pupil as I was chosen for the ‘Zaneon Prize’ because I came first in 6th class with a score of 9 out of 10. Before the war, the Delaverio Prize was given for excellence, which both my brother and my sister had received.
 Many lessons were given outside in the school grounds under the shade of the tall pine trees.
 Melitas taught us self-respect, to walk straight with our heads held high, I watched him do just that as he crossed the bridge on his way to school. He took us on excursions to the nearby town of Melitianica (his home town) and the picturesque green spring water town of Trifilianica. He wrote a play about the four seasons and chose four appropriate girls to act them out. I took part as Summer.
 He taught us how to plant flowers and look after them, and he wrote a lovely song for our school and its pupils.
 During and after the war there was a teacher shortage, but I remember a beautiful young lady who came as a volunteer. She was tall, slim and blonde and in my eyes a Grace Kelly look-alike. Our teacher fell in love with and married her and they had a beautiful family.
 When I visited Kythera I 1968 I enrolled my two girls in the school and they had the opportunity before the summer break to take part in the end of school function where they each had to recite a poem. I was so proud. On my second trip to Greece in 1978, Mr. Melitas was on the same boat as us on the way to Kythera. I was so happy and proud to call him my teacher.
 I will always remember him, love him and respect him. He passed away in 2003 and his memory will live forever in my heart.
The song he wrote:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
(Repeat each line twice, except the last line on each verse)
Irthe i ora yia na kliesie to sxolieo      
Ta mathimata na papsoun
Kai o kathenas mas na figei apo tho
Eis tin exohi tha trexoun ta paidia
Me hares kai me tragoudia
Tin xekourasi tha broume stiv drosia
Ehe yia kalo sxolieo mas ehe yia
Den se afinome yia panta
Pali emies tha xanarthoume me hara.
Me ektimisi Maria Simos
Maria Simos nee Levoune, December, 2004
Irthe i ora yia na kliesie to sxolieo      
Ta mathimata na papsoun
Kai o kathenas mas na figei apo tho
Eis tin exohi tha trexoun ta paidia
Me hares kai me tragoudia
Tin xekourasi tha broume stiv drosia
Ehe yia kalo sxolieo mas ehe yia
Den se afinome yia panta
Pali emies tha xanarthoume me hara.
Me ektimisi Maria Simos
In case you don’t read Greek this is the translation of the song;
The time has come for school to close
The lessons are over
And everyone is leaving here
The children will play in the countryside
With happiness and song
We will find rest in the shade
Good our school, good bye (alternatively this line may read; have health our school, have health)
We’re not leaving you forever
We will return here again with joy.
With respect Maria Simos.
                      iii. Costas. Notes- This is a part of an email from grandson Constantin Melitas.
Yiannis Melitas was the brother of my grand father, Costas Melitas who left Kythera for Athens at the age of 16. I think that in totally were 7 or 8 brothers and sisters from the village of Melitianika. Nowadays, Yiannis Melitas is known in Kythira as “Yiannis the teacher”
                      iv. Theodore “Thodoros”
                       v. Paraskevoula
                      vi. Panayotis
                     vii. Evangelia- youngest
15. Foteine “Fotinoula” TREEFULL/TRIFLLIS. Born in Kythera, Greece. Foteine “Fotinoula” died in Greece.
Foteine “Fotinoula” married Panagiotis Nikolaos TRIFILLIS. Panagiotis Nikolaos died in 1951 in Kythera, Greece.
They had the following children:
                        i. Nikos (-after 1972)
                       ii. Arhondo
                      iii. Sophia/Sofia (1914-)
                      iv. Maryi
                       v. Vassiliki
16. Chrysanthi TREEFULL/TRIFLLIS. Born in Kythera, Greece. Chrysanthi died in 1945-46 or a little later in Kythera, Greece.
Notes- Last child of Ioannis and Marouli.   Died when given wrong medicine by a docter.
Chrysanthi married Kyriakos G. TRIFILLIS.
Notes- Established cemetery in Trifylianika in 1938 Said in Greece in Trifylianika cemetery-
“Cemetery established by the effort and perseverence of Kyriakos G. Trifillis in 1938.”
They had no children.
17. Gregoria TREEFULL/TRIFLLIS. Born in 1893 in Kythera, Greece. Gregoria died in Massachusetts in 1954; she was 61.
Bef 1914 when Gregoria was 21, she married Peter Emmanuel “Jack” KYPRIOTIS, in Massachusetts. Born on 15 Nov 1881 in Kythera, Greece. Peter Emmanuel “Jack” died in Massachusetts aft 1957; he was 75.
They had the following children:
                        i. Emmanuel
                       ii. Mary
                      iii. John Peter
18. Eufrosyni (Efrosini) TREEFULL/TRIFLLIS. Born in Apr 1897 in Trifilianika, Kythera, Greece. Eufrosyni (Efrosini) died in Choate Memorial Hospital, Woburn, MA, on 15 Apr 1949; she was 52. Buried on 18 Apr 1949 in Woodbrook Cemetery, Woburn, MA.
On 12 Oct 1919 when Eufrosyni (Efrosini) was 22, she married Constantinos Panayotis TREARCHIS, son of Panayiotis (Peter) Soteriou TREARCHIS/TRIARCHIS/TRIARXIS & Stamatia (Stamatoula) PAPADOPOULOU/ PAPADOPOULOS, in Married by Athen Spyropoulos, Priest in Fall River, MA. Born on 15 Jun 1882 in  Greece (Probably Kythera). Constantinos Panayotis died in Woburn, MA, on 25 Mar 1955; he was 72.
They had the following children:
                        i. Stamatia
                       ii. Peter
                      iii. John
                      iv. Mary
                       v. George Paul
                      vi. Elaine Foteine
                     vii. Leonidas (Leo)
19. Foteine “Foto” KASSIMATIS.
20. Stavroula KASSIMATIS.
21. Stamatia KASSIMATIS.
22. Europa KASSIMATIS. Married and died young in Kythera
23. Haralambos FIROPOULOS/FYRROS. Born in 1891 in Potamos, Kythera, Greece. Went back to Kythera after immigrating.
24. Fotine FIROPOULOS/FYRROS. Born in 1898 in Potamos, Kythera, Greece. Fotine died in Detroit area, Michigan, in 1950’s; she was 52.

Bef 1916 when Fotine was 18, she married Alexander Theodore PANARETOS, in Kythera, Greece. Born in 1893 in Kythera, Greece. Alexander Theodore died in Detroit area, Michigan, in 1961/62; he was 68.
Here is Alex Panaretos’s first immigration record on 28 Nov 1913 from Piraeus, Greece-
Panaretos, Alexandros- age 20/ single/ Greek/ Workman/ Last residence- Smyrna, Turkey/ nearest relative- father Theodoros in Smyrna/ going to Elkton, MD/ going to see his cousin Theodore Panaretos in Elkton, MD New Baltimore/ height- 5’ 5”/ born in Smyrna
Here is Foto and Alex’s immigration record on 9 Aug 1916 from Naples, Italy on ship Dante Alighieri-
Pamaretos, Alexandros- age 22/ married/ farm laborer/ Greek/ last residence- Athina, Greece/ nearest relative- father Theodore in Athina/ going to New York, NY to see cousin Nick Valianos at 351 Wh _____/ height 5’ 5”/ born in Kythera, Greece/ passage paid by mother
wife------, Fotini- age 18/ Greek/ housewife/ last residence- Athina, Greece/ nearest relative- Theodore in Athina/ passage paid by husband/ going to New York, NY to see cousin Nick Valianos at 351 Wh _____/ height- 5’
cousin------, Angeliki- age 18/ housewife/ single/ Greek/ last residence- Athina, Greece/ nearest relative- Theodore in Athina/ passage paid by cousin/ going to New York, NY to see cousin Nick Valianos at 351 Wh _____/ height- 5’
The Angeliki Panaretos that immigrated with them was the daughter of Stavros Panaretos and siblings of Cosmos and Gregoria Panaretos who immigrated to Fall River, MA (where the Trifillis’s lived).
They had one child:
                        i. Theodore Alexander (1917-1991)
25. Minas FIROPOULOS/FYRROS. Born in 1900 in Potamos, Kythera, Greece. Went to USA
26. Vassiliki FIROPOULOS/FYRROS. Born in Kythera, Greece. Was in St. Louis, MO.
27. Anastasia FIROPOULOS/FYRROS. Went to Australia and died there
28. Anargyros FIROPOULOS/FYRROS. Anargyros died in Kythera, Greece.
Anargyros married Maria. Children live in Athens.
They had the following children:
                        i. Panayiotis
                       ii. Gregora
29. Foteine “Fofo” ANGELIDES.
Anna married MOULOS.
They had one child:
                        i. George
31. Stefanos ANGELIDES. Had 2 girls and 1 boy
32. Stamatina “Matina” Ioannou SOURIS. Born in 1896 in Piraeus, Greece. Stamatina “Matina” Ioannou died in Piraeus, Greece, in 1977; she was 81.
On 10 Dec 1910 when Stamatina “Matina” Ioannou was 14, she married Nicholas Anastasios CORONEOS, in Piraeus, Greece. Born on 27 Jan 1888 in Potamos, Kythera, Greece. Nicholas Anastasios died in Potamos, Kythera, Greece, in 1969; he was 80.
Stamatina Nicholaou Coronaios
Died and buried in Piraeus Stamatina Nicholaos Coronaios (the benevolent), of the Panaretos family (the Panaretos has been penciled off and Souris is written instead), fro Potamos, born 1896
Matina was one of the liveliest Kytherian personalities, both of Piraeus and of our island, and will be impossible to fill the vacuum left by her death.
She graduated from the elementary school and completed her education in the famous for its Christian teachings school of Joan of Arc.
She married at a young age in 1910 (Corrected from 1912 using pencil) in Piraeus Nicholas Anastasiou Coronaios, with whom relocated and lived for 10 years in Baltimore of the United States, where because of their hard work and honesty they accumulated considerable wealth before returning to Greece.
They got established in Piraeus where her unforgettable husband got involved in real estate business, and she was always by his side supporting his efforts.
She never forgot the land of her birth, and was visiting Kythera very often, providing leadership in all the philanthropic works, supporting those in need secretly following the example of her husband, who was given the name of “Benevolent”.
Our newspaper participating with all our heart in the sorrow of her family, extends our warmest condolences to her daughter Filitsa Gregoropoulos, to her son-in-law Athanasios and to her grandson Demitrios, and wishes her memory to remain inextinguishable for ever, thus setting the example for generations yet to come.
·       Here is the obit for Nicholas-
Nicholas A. Coroneos
Nicholaos A. Coroneos died in Potamos, at age 80 and he will be missed very much. The former immigrant to the United States, had been established in Baltimore.
He returned from America many years ago, and resided in Piraeus, traveling often to Kythera where he was participating in works of common benefit. He was involved in the renovation of churches, school buildings, reforestation throughout the island, the sea wave-breaker of the harbor of St. Pelaghia, the Trifyllian Hospital, the Old Age Home, the Stadium of Potamos and every place which was serving the common good of the residents of Kythera. Every project which was serving the common good had a warm supporter in the person of Nicholaos Coroneos.
His kindness, his eagerness to help, the beauty of his soul had gained for him the respect and love of the community and all those who knew him.
His funeral was attended by the whole populous in the holy church of Ilariotisis and a large number of wreaths were placed upon his casket. To honor him the philharmonic band led the funeral procession playing the funeral marches on the way to the cemetery.
To her beloved wife Matina N. Coroneos, his children Erifyli and Athanasios Gregoropoulos, as also to the rest of his relatives, we express our warmest condolences. May God rest his soul.
They had the following children:
                        i. Margarita Nicholas (1922-1922)
                       ii. Erifyli “Fillitsa” b. 1924 Piraeus married in 1964 to Athanasios “Naso” Grigoropoulos (1921-2000 in Piraeus). Had one son Dimitrios Athanasios b. 1965 Piraeus (not married).
33. Fotine SOURIS.
Fotine married George ANDRONIKOS. George died on 24 Nov 1937.
They had one child:
                        i. Stelios Went to Australia
34. Calliope Ioannou SOURIS. Born in 1901. Calliope Ioannou died in Monday, 5:OO AM, on 19 Feb 1918; she was 17. She was never married.
No Children.
35. Aspasia Ioannou SOURIS. Aspasia Ioannou died on 19 Jul 1924 in Saturday, 6:20 PM. She was never married.
No Children.
36. Demetrios SOURIS. Demetrios died on Disappeared on 24 Mar 1931. He was never married.
No Children.
37. Marika SOURIS.
Marika married KARATZA. Had one daughter and one son, both married
They had the following children:
                        i. UNNAMED
                       ii. UNNAMED

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