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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 26.03.2007

Arrivals Sydney NSW 1931-32

Kytherian and Greek passengers during 1931-32 observed the final phase of the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as they disembarked at Circular Quay or Darling Harbour in Sydney NSW.
1931-32 listed arrivals and ships:-
Mr G.C.Callakoudis (Oranto)27 Oct 1931
Mrs C Calocherinos (Oranto)31 Mar 1931
Mr J. Calocherinos (Oranto) 31 May 1931
Mr L. Conomos (Orama) 23 June 1931
Mr P. Critharis (Orama)23 June 1931
Mr C. Koutaris(Orsova)26 May ...

History > Archive/Research

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 20.05.2006

Lonely Graves


“Australia’s wide places, where the white man’s footfall was once heard less frequently than that of the native of the soil, has many a mound that marks the last resting place of some venturesome spirit who had invaded what is still the waterless west. Most of them have nothing but the heaped- up earth to indicate that one who blazed the track made his final stay there. But out on the Barcoo, six hundred miles from Brisbane, where the poet ‘Banjo’