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James Prineas

Australians & Greeks Volume 2

Author:Hugh Gilchrist
When Published: 1997
Publisher:Halstead Press

Available from:

Angelo Notaras
Atom Industries
PO Box 513, Rozelle NSW 2039

Fax +61 2 9810 6691
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Email order, here

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Australians and Greeks – "The Middle Years". Volume II of this award-winning work observes two closely linked peoples in world war and the unsettled interwar years.

PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS of many of today's Greek Australians settled in their new country in this period and many Greeks went to war in Australian uniform. It was a time when some Australians vented their hostility in anti-Greek riots, while others devoted their lives to helping and understanding Greece and its people.

AUSTRALIANS AT WAR in Macedonia and the Aegean contributed bravely to the Allied cause in little-known campaigns which AUSTRALIANS AND GREEKS examines in detail. Miles Franklin's unpublished wartime books, the recollections of Chief Justice Herring — and of many other Australian men and women who served in Macedonia and Thrace — are quoted at length for the first time.

THE GREEK CHURCH — beset by scandals and political divisions — was remarkable for its headstrong clergy and congregations which Hugh Gilchrist examines with careful objectivity. In the early decades of the 20th century Australia's Greek language press began publishing important books and newspapers. The way they too reflect church and community divisions makes their chequered history an intriguing one.

FAMOUS AUSTRALIANS who visited Greece include Ross and Keith Smith the aviators, and the eminent prehistorian V. Gordon Childe. These and a variety of travellers, scholars, philanthropists and cranks enliven the pages of Volume II. The fascinating range of absorbing topics makes Hugh Gilchrist's work a unique combination of definitive history and rivetting reading.

"It testimony to the quality of these works, that all three volumes of Australians & Greeks, have remained in print, since the date of publication."

All three Volumes of Gilchrist's monumental work can be purchased from the contacts above.

To gain an insight into Hugh's motivation for writing Australians and Greeks

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